Raging Against the Machine

Thin Edge New Music Collective and

Ensemble Paramirabo


"Raging Against the Machine is a collaborative project featuring Montreal-based Ensemble Paramirabo and Toronto-based Thin Edge New Music Collective. Inspired by the driving rhythmic nature of Steve Reich's Pulitzer prize winning Double Sextet and Louis Andriessen's Workers Union, this project was the impetus behind the creation of three fascinating Canadian works: Hum for double sextet by Brian Harman (Toronto/Montreal), Fog by Anna Hostman (Toronto) and Le Sel de la Terre by Patrick Giguere (Montreal). RATM aims to establish meaningful connections between artists with distinct geographical, cultural and linguistic identities." - Liner notes

Raging Against the Machine was released in February 2017 and is available through Redshift Records.

San Fermin

Brooklyn-based orchestral pop band headed by composer/songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone.

Debut album released in September, 2013 on Downtown Records.

"one of the year's most surprising, ambitious, evocative, and moving records" - NPR


Music composed, produced, and recorded by: Felipe Ramirez Rodriguez

Video, animation, and coding: Santiago Echeverry

Choreography: Susannah LeMarquand

Dancers: Lindsay Daniele, Ashley Caraway, and Kwesi Ampofo

Percussion: Nathan Petitpas

Orishas was premiered by Nathan Petitpas on January 31, 2014 in Toronto with video projection, pre-recorded audio, and live percussion.

Gruppo Montebello

Henk Guittart conducting

Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen Vol. 1

Arrangements for Ensemble

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